renta de autos en cancun mexico para tontos

Luis de Colombia le sugirió lo posterior: "Hay un tip que yo uso mucho en mi país, y es llevar un cámara en el frente del coche, Ganadorí no este prendida y simplemente este puesta... los policías le tiene miedo a eso.

Ventajas: Firefly's idea of a full size vehicle is smaller than my idea of a full size vehicle. I ended up getting a VW Jetta, but they first wanted to give me a Nissan versa Figura a full size vehicle.

"Servicio Selection" (Vehículos de riqueza y divertidos con un servicio VIP) no está disponible es este punto. Para nuestra tonalidad de vehículos normales por cortesía inquirir Todos los coches.

Check trasnochado insurance options and how your credit card may cover. (note they said need to put of collateral equal to value of vehicle to get credit card coverage - credit card company to re-imburse you later)

Desventajas: Person we extremely rude and lied about the cars available. Tried to get me to spend an extra $500 for the week to get the car I ordered. Plus the car needed air in the tires and none of the windows worked.

We were able to rent the car we had chosen through economy, although they did try to give us a different car in the beginning. However I was very disappointed with the fact that I thought I had rented from one company at the airport, and it turned demodé to be a different company offsite.

Sin ningún percance al regresar el automóvil. La atención de quien lo recibió, de quien atendió en mostrador y quien nos llevó al aeropuerto fue muy amable y rápida.

Desventajas: I arrived at the counter in Cancun with my pre-paid reservation and confirmation number. Immediately I was told that there was nothing in my class available and that I would need to pay for an upgrade at an additional $1,200 USD. After I refused and asked for a refund for my reservation, they came down to $1000 upgrade for the same car. This was happening to everyone at this hertz location.

Desventajas: Always check with your home insurance before renting in Mexico. The car was cheap to rent at 178.00 but mandatory liability added at $29 a day with $800 on hold on your credit card or $59 per day full coverage with a $200 hold on your card. Ended up paying $733 for entire trip. In Cancun there is no booth at the airport. Ace shares a space with Fox Car Rentals. Called them but they never sent a van. We finally walked our luggage across the street from the airport to find their office. The RAVs we rented were not coming until nightime. They only had one RAV in their inventory so they offered us the new Optimas.

Ventajas: The Cancun terminal is very frenetic, but the representative walked us thru the chaos calmly, over to the outdoor desk to pick up our car.

We spent literally $40 for taxi parking king for the place. We finally we back to hotel zone budget and they manage to help us from that location with all our reservations. Wish we could've done that in the beginning. Wasted 2 hrs of our morning and wasted money on taxi.

Ahorre tiempo y fortuna. Nosotros comparamos por usted las ofertas de compañíTriunfador de alquiler de coches en Cancún.

Nuestro servicio de atención al cliente está check here pronto para ayudarle las 24 horas del día, todos los días del año

Desventajas: Just Vencedor most of the reviews describe, there was an attempt to hustle me into overpaying for a comprehensive insurance policy.

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